About Danny Dutch

A few years ago I bought a Sony DSLR-A200 camera because I wanted to be able to do some more than just take a few snapshots with my compact camera. However, an expensive camera isnít going to do the trick by itself. When I turned 21, my good friends from Checks & Balances surprised me with a photography course, Ďbecause we all would like to look good on a photo sometimes.í So when my good friend Christel told me about a photography course she was going to take, I immediately signed up as well.

Since then, I have been taking many pictures, which definitely are a lot better than the ones I took before. And since I am very excited about these photographs, I feel they donít deserve to be just sitting here on my computer. Thus, I decided to share them with the world! I hope youíll enjoy them, and leave a comment sometime if you please!

Danny Dutch