A couple of weeks ago I was at Knowmads Business School in Amsterdam, where I met Leonie. We talked a lot about photography and then she showed me this photo. I really liked it a lot, so I asked her if she would like to have a guest blog featuring her photo. She did, so here is her story:

“It was one of those days, everything went wrong. An unnecessary day, where nothing meaningful happened. A day, where I asked myself for what in the heck I was here for and why always I had to do all the unpleasant work in the house. I scuffed into the bathroom and opened the washing machine roughly.

And then I stood a moment in silence. Then I had to smile. And then I ran up to my room, got my camera and took this photo.

I don’t want to become poetically, but this picture always reminds me that life is always full of surprise, even if you don’t expect it. And that it’s worth to have your eyes opened.”

Thanks for sharing, Leonie!