A day before my birthday, I went to Berlin together with my friends from Corpus Lepi. Not just for my birthday, but also to visit our member Dave, who was in Berlin for a couple of months. We rented a van for what was supposed to be a fun ride. And it was actually, besides maybe the fact that having me on an 8-hour journey with lots of candy isn’t an ideal combination. Why? Well, I can’t sit still for long anyway, but all that sugar doesn’t help, to say the least. Some refused to even talk to me towards the end of the journey, but oh well, we made it…

And once we did, it was time to party! At midnight it was my birthday, and they tried to put a dress on me before we went clubbin’. Luckily for me, the dress didn’t fit very well.. After this ceremony we went to some enormous underground club. Once we were inside, it took some time to get used to this crazy audience. I was offered some XTC almost instantly, but kindly refused. Judging from the atmosphere, I guess we were only one of the few who weren’t on something.

The next day, we woke up in a sunny Berlin. We had a quick beer to forget our hangover and went to do some sightseeing, such as the Victory Column, Brandenburg Gate, and Holocaust Memorial. We then went to a park, where we lunched and enjoyed the lovely weather.

After the sun set, we went back to Dave’s appartment to get ready for another night of clubbin’. We told Dave we weren’t in for another crazy underground night, so he took us to a club way above ground, which was situated at the 14th floor with a view accross all of Berlin. We had so much fun, some didn’t even want to leave..

Before we knew it, the weekend was over, and we went back home with our van (this time no sugar on board!). So after a (this time very) smooth ride, we went for some KFC and all went home for some well deserved sleep.