Every week, I spend my Wednesday evening with these boys: my club from our fraternity. As you can see, we are named “Corpus Lepi”, and there’s a reason for that.

You see, we needed a photo for our fraternity’s yearbook. So we decided to recreate a Dutch masterpiece, which would include us, a horse, and a typical Dutch cloudy day. This would create an image of true brave Dutchmen. However, as I mentioned before, we are named Corpus Lepi for a reason. Corpus Lepi is Latin for the Dutch beunhazen, which translates to moonlighter. In Dutch though, the term is also used for people who are not as capable as they claim to be at doing what they do. We would fall in that last category (which is also why—for those who know Dutch and Latin—Corpus Lepi is such a bad translation).

So, to end this intermezzo and jump to the conclusion of the story: as a true Dutch moonlighter suggests, we failed to portrait ourselves as brave men in a Dutch setting. Instead, we ran like little girls from a group of camels. Not quite what we intended for the photo.

Oh well, at least they weren’t tigers.

From left to right: Lucas Stam, Sjoerd Kochen, Neal Bouwman, Tim Kalisvaart, Robert Bos, Martijn Werners, Danny Soons, Dave Hoogakker.