Today was a wonderful day. The sun was shining and I spent some much needed quality time with my friends. It seems that spring has truly arrived! Which reminded me that I still had some photos from last spring. It may have seemed that I was a little obsessed by parking meters, but I also took some other photos that day.

I had taken only my zoom lens that day to force myself in taking a different approach for a change (I used to really like to zoom out and get as much as possible in a shot, and stil do sometimes). The result was that I came home with completely different photos than usually, and it wasn’t until I reviewed them that I noticed I had been focusing on the lines in a composition that much. Needless to say, I liked it.

I think I should do this more often too, because I like this kind of photography, especially since I discoverd the work of German photographer Andreas Gursky (creator of the most expensive photo). At first you may find his photography a bit dull, but I think if you look at it for a bit longer you can see the beauty of its simplicity. Gursky works alot with lines and repetition, and I really like how most of his photos are “recreatable”, thus making it a very conceptual form of photography.

Let’s just say I hope that one day I’ll be able to make such stunning photos.