It’s only a matter of weeks before I am going to Russia! Together with 49 other Clio-members I will visit Saint Petersburg and Moscow during the first week of May. Obviously, I am very excited. Not just because it’s an incredible destination, but also because some of my best friends are going along, too. I am sure it will be as much fun as last year, if not more.

Last year, I went with Clio to Israel and Palestine, where we spent most of our days in Jerusalem. And now that this year’s Clio-trip is getting closer, I have been reminiscing about last year’s trip quite often. We visited so many incredible places, it’s too much to sum up right now, but I will never forget this trip, and the people I went with. It was on our last day that I wanted to see the sunrise over Jerusalem. So, early in the morning I climbed up to the roof of our hostel and figured this would be a perfect moment for a panorama. It turned out I was right, and the photo turned out even better than I had expected.

Let’s just hope Russia will bring us good weather as well, because I will be taking my camera with me!