Here’s part two of my Russia trip: Moscow! In my opinion, Moscow was even better than Saint Petersburg. But then again, our journey to Moscow started of great on the night train, where we partied all night long. It was a wonderful experience, and of course I had to document a little of it. So I grabbed my camera, put on my big flash and took a snapshot. I was amazed by the result of what was supposed to be a test shot. After that I took only two or three more pictures, because I was not going to top this one. It’s almost perfect and could be put in a magazine or advertisement I’d say. Something like “Come to Russia for pretty boys and pretty girls. There is pretty much”.

P.S. One more time, if you want all the photos from Russia (including all the group photos and such), just mail me and I’ll send them.

Moscow (1) Moscow (3) Moscow (4) Moscow (5) Moscow (6) Moscow (7) Moscow (8)