I still have one photo from Gdansk, Poland, that I’d like to share with you. It is one of Gdanksk’s most recognizable symbols: The bronze statue of the Roman god Neptune.

The statue is on top of a fountain in the middle of the colorful DÅ‚ugi Targ (Long Market). Next to it, there were three older Polish people (one man and two women) sitting on a bench. While the man was feeding a flock of pigeons, one of the women was constantly mumbling at the pigeons in anguish. It was fun to watch, but I quickly concentrated on getting a good shot of Neptune.

While I was aligning the statue in my viewer, I suddenly heard a screech from the bench. Apparently the old lady had enough, and was waving and tramping at the birds. The pigeons flew right past me, and I quickly hit the shutter in hopes of a lucky shot.

The autofocus was having a hard time with so many birds at once, so everything ended up a bit out of focus. However, with a sort of Instagram filter, it turned out to be a pretty cool photo nevertheless!