Well, I haven’t blogged as much as I wanted to while in Vietnam, but I hadn’t anticipated on such an exhausting yet amazing trip! So here’s a short post just to let you know I’m doing alright!

Yesterday, we arrived at Hanoi for a short transfer to Sapa. We arrived this morning and it is absolutely marvelous. I already posted a snapshot on Instagram, but expect more when I return home next week!

At Hanoi, our guide expressed his wish to visit Europe someday, and Hamburg in particular, because his uncle lives there. However, the German embassy requires a $10,000 deposit, and he doesn’t have that kind of money. He is poor and single, he said. “No money, no honey”. Where did we hear that before?

His remark reminded me I wanted to buy some fake money. In Vietnam, family is important, even after death. So they pray to Buddha to support their family in the after life. Many homes have a small altar where they put items like coffee, candy, and cigarettes, but also cell phones, houses, and clothes made from paper. They later burns these items to send them to their relatives.

You also often see lots amounts of money. Mostly US Dollars. It’s fake money to burn and send to their relatives. I wanted some of those for fun, so we bought a bundle of Ben Franklins at the market. I got $10,000 for 10,000 Vietnamese Dong. A pretty good deal, since the real exhange rate only gives you half a buck for 10,000 Dong. I guess I’ll burn some money at a party tho show off to a honey ;)