After winning my first photo prize, I feel like winning more! So I am going to participate in a photo contest by ASA, a Dutch employment agency for (graduated) students. I have to upload my 5 best photos to join the contest. It’s difficult though to choose 5 photos, so my question to all of you is: which 5 photos should I choose? I have made a selection of 10 photos. Please let me know which 5 photos I should pick in the comments below. Thanks a lot!

1: An Old WomanAn Old Woman

2: BerlinBerlin

3: Brussels 1

4: Brussels 2

5: Christel

6: Front DoorFront Door

7: MoscowMoscow

8: Piccadilly Circus

9: Saint PetersburgSaint Petersburg

10: Vienna Capitals

Update: Thank you all for your input. I have submitted photos #1, 3, 6, 8, and 10. Don’t forget to vote!

Update: Well, unfortunately I did not win this time.. But I did get into the top 100 (from over a thousand entries) with an incredible 330 votes! I didn’t expect so many votes at all, so thank you all very very much!