This is not really the kind of photo I usually take, so let me fill you in. This semester, I am taking a web design course for which I have to build an entire new website from scratch. It is fun, though, because I love learning properly how to work with the different codes, from HTML to PHP. And yes, I have dreamed about it at least once. I noticed a flaw in my dream, which seemed like a minor bug (as if a dream normally does make sense), so I wanted to fix the bug by editing the code for my dream. Ooh, what a nerd, I am.

Nevertheless, after a few weeks my website is starting to take off. Every week I am excited to find out about the new assignment, and my teacher seems to be pleased by the result so far. However, I would like to share my project with more people, which is why I am giving you the link. I use the website as a sandbox, where I can test all my newly obtained skills, and be a little bit creative, too. So don’t expect too much from it just yet, and don’t be surprised either when everything changes from time to time.

Perhaps now you understand why I took this photo. I can’t just post a story without a photo to match it. So a couple of weeks ago I went to Kijkduin beach with my dad to take this photo of my ‘artistic interpretaion’ of a sandbox. And as you might now, every photo needs some editing in Photoshop to make it a bit more asthounishing. Since I am not familiar with this kind of photography, I turned to my favorite photoblog by David Anastacio for some inspiration.

If you like this kind of photography, you should check his blog more often. David posts quite regularly, and even was nominated for a Photoblog Award by last year. For me, I love how he turns ordinary situations in extraordinary photographs.