Sometimes, when I go home to visit my parents, I bring along my camera, because you never know when you spot a perfect photo oppurtunity. But I don’t always think of it or I sometimes don’t feel like it. This weekend, I thought of it, but didn’t feel like it. And now, I regret it.

I regret I didn’t because there were two tomtits constantly flying in and out of the birdhouse at my grandmother’s, whom we visited. While sitting on her balcony, I could hear the baby birds squeaking. And every time one of the tomtits sat down at the entry of the birdhouse, and looked left, right, up, and down just to check all was safe, I wished I would’ve brought my camera..

Finally, I decided to take a picture with my cell phone, nevertheless. Still, if only I would’ve brought my camera with me..

P.S. I’d also like to share this magnificent photo with you, which I came across this week, and which kept my attention for quite a while.